Training With The Us Women'S Olympic Football Team

Training With The Us Women'S Olympic Football Team

After winning the gold medal in Beijing and Inspiring the nation with its performance in last year's world cup, one thing remained clear about the US women's soccer team: their training and preparation were not lost.

But they have to repair it anyway, since their oppressed calendar demands it.

While most of the teams are doing a lot of strength training included in the off-season Olympic lifts to generate a general force, the national team has not really been out of season for a long time, they were directly from the competition in the World Cup to training to qualify for the Olympic Games in London. While it might seem a lack of hammer throwing might not affect a soccer player, this is precisely what she can do.

"Strength training is really crucial for soccer players, first and foremost for injury prevention," says Heather O'Reilly, a 10-year veteran of the national team. "The leg strength is obviously very crucial, but it is our core and we are struggling in the same way with the upper part of the bodies. "

To compensate for the lack of time for weights and have a consistent tool on the road, the team has incorporated the TRX suspension trainer last year.

Defender Heather Mitts says she likes the TRX to generate general strength (see some of Mitts and O'Reilly's favorite exercises with instructions in the sidebar), but also to replace some of her Olympic lifting workouts with the alternatives of weight lifting.

"Atomic push-ups (an exercise that combines a push-up with a knife) are some of my favorites," she says. "You can do inverted push-ups, fly-a-thighs in Y and T. These are amazing and we still get good body strength. "

Of course, ladies will not only need strength work to earn gold. The soccer players run about 6 miles per game and not trotting, to equal an Olympic effort of 90 minutes, they have to run. Playing a lot of football is not enough to maintain that level of conditioning.

To complement it, the team coach, Dawn Scott, makes the players perform half-mile intervals on the tape. Get a similar feeling from this workout by trying the following exercise: run fast for 3 minutes, then rest for three. Repeat this sequence a maximum of 10 times.

Exercises like this, combined with strength training on the road, means that the team's training has not diminished. But more than the preparation, the players look for that dynamic aptitude that shines completely in London.

"Our generation of American players want to prove that not only are we putting the work, but we are more sophisticated soccer players," says O'Reilly. "Our game is becoming more possession oriented and we are scoring from many different ways. "

"Our hard work will always be seen," adds Mitts. "But how we are evolving as a team is what we will really be showing in the field (in London)."

Your favorite moves

Take a TRX from the gym and try these suspension moves, favorites in the US national team of Heather Mitts and Heather O'Reilly.

Atomic Flex

Place your feet on the pedals, with your legs together and assume the classic flex position, with your hands directly below your shoulders. Bend your elbows so that you start at the base of the bending position. While pressing, bend your knees and carry them forward of your chest without allowing your hips to go through the air. Turn your legs to the plate position while you bend your elbows and return to the ground.


Y-deltoid walk

Stand facing the TRX with your arms extended towards you at shoulder height. Your whole body should be aligned from head to heels. Keep your arms straight and lift them gently until they are in the "Y" position. Lower back to the starting position with control and repeat.


Deltoid walk in T

Stand with your arms apart in the T position so that the TRX handles are out on each side and tight. This will be the final position of the exercise. Keeping your body straight and your feet in this position. Lean back as you close your hands together with your arms straight, keeping a straight line with your body and the TRX tensioned while your body goes backwards at a 45 degree angle. Even with the arms straight, pass your hands separately so that you return to the standing position. Repeat.


Stand in front of the suspension trainer with interlocking handles. Place your right foot behind you so that it rests on both pedals with your knee bent at 90 degrees. Bend your support knee (left) and lower your body to the ground. While low, your suspended leg will go backward, keep the knee bent at 90 degrees. Continue down until the left thigh is parallel to the ground. Press through your left heel back to start and repeat. Change side.


Turn back

Stand facing the TRX with your arms extended towards you and at shoulder and hand height at 45 degrees. Your whole body should be aligned from head to heels. Pass your body towards the handles until your hands are tucked into the middle torso area, keeping your upper arm at an angle of 45 to 90 degrees with the torso. Lower your back to the starting position.


Leg Cuff with Simple TRX

Stand facing the TRX with your arms extended, slightly bent and at shoulder height. Extend one leg in front and lean back slightly. Pass your hips backwards to perform a single-leg squat with the TRX to maintain your balance. Press back to start and repeat.


Plank with TRX

Place your foot on the TRX pedals and extend your body so that it forms a straight line from head to heels, with your arms directly below your shoulders. Take your core as if you were about to be hit. Hold this position for 30 seconds.


Video Tutorial: USWNT Aloha Stadium Training.

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