Tyler Christopher: The Best Food Of All!

Tyler Christopher: The Best Food Of All!

When it comes to food, Tyler Christopher likes to explore new trends and challenge to his body.

The 39-year-old actor, known for playing the mysterious Russian prince Nikolas Cassadine in the telenovela General Hospital, tried liquid detoxification before gradually moving to a vegetarian diet about a year ago.

The detoxification experience was a modest challenge compared to other battles of wills he underwent to purify his body. The native of Illinois, of Native American origin, celebrates his heritage by attending dances in the sun, elaborate rituals centered around fasting, dancing and eating.

In 2000, Christopher attended his first dance in the sun, a three-day fast of food and water at the Little Big Horn reserve in Montana. He thought he could handle a fast of three days easily.

On the third day, I was so thirsty and hungry that I felt I was losing my mind, counting the hours until the traditional post-fasting feast. When the time finally came, all I wanted was to eat watermelon.

"I remember the texture of the fruit and it exploded in my mouth when I bit it," he says. "I was extremely sensitive to smell and taste, so I could smell everything intensely, then the hunger hit me."

It was then that he discovered his favorite food: buffalo.

"It was my first contact with food for three days, so I did not care how it was going to be," he says. "To my surprise, the buffalo was incredibly moist and easy to cook too much because of its low content. of fat".

Christopher learned from the family that ran the ceremony that the perfect way to roast a buffalo is in a hole.

"Eating buffalo after this dance in the sun gave me a new appreciation of what we have in our lives, we take food and water for granted," he reflects. "Experience what it feels like to be crazy about thirst and hunger... I'm reluctant to do it again soon, but I know I will. "

How to make Tyler Christopher's buffalo burgers

Preparation time: three minutes Cooking time: five minutes Servings: eight

Most of us will not take the time to build a pit covered with lots of wood and spend three days smoking a buffalo at low temperatures. Fortunately, it is possible to get a similar result on the grid.

Take two pounds of grazed buffalo meat, usually available from Whole Foods. Form hamburgers using a quarter pound of meat per patty. Place the meat on the grill and simmer (not in the flame) until almost raw or half done. Five minutes per side should produce the desired result. Sprinkle with olive oil (optional).

Serve buffalo burgers seasoned with salt and pepper (pepper), covered with fried arugula (fried arugula), American cheese, tomato heart of ox and mustard (mustard) on a brioche bread.

WHY HE LOVES IT "When I found out that the buffalo is as thin as chicken, I became a big buffalo fan. Before I became a vegetarian, grilled buffalo burgers were a basic element defined in My diet".

FOOD PHILOSOPHY "Knowing the origin and nutrients of food is important, I eat because I know what it does for my health, I grew up in the Midwest, and learning food philosophies was not something that People were not worried, it was not until I became an actor, where aesthetics is part of the job, that I started reading nutrition books, and then I realized that there is a lot more information about food. what is the last impartial investigation. "

WHAT MAKES IT A HEALTHY MEAL Compared to beef, buffalo has less cholesterol and calories and higher protein and omega-3 fatty acids, according to Trionne Moore, chief nutritionist at the Canadian Sport Center Ontario.

"The buffalo is of better quality and the higher protein content improves blood sugar regulation and appetite control, so you stay full longer," Moore explains. "When you put all this together, you see an improvement in the composition of the body. "

HOW TO MAKE THE MEAL EVEN MORE HEALTHY "I recommend adding avocado (avocado) to get magnesium, folic acid, vitamin K for bones and good fats," says Moore. "It's a very beneficial food."


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