Ways To Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs In The Microwave

Ways To Cook Hard-Boiled Eggs In The Microwave

While Cooking eggs in the microwave takes a few minutes, you'll have to do it without the peel. The good thing about hard-boiled eggs cooked in the microwave is that you will not have to peel or boil them, but they will not look like a normal hard-boiled egg. If your appearance does not bother you, use this cooking method to prepare hard boiled eggs for various salads.

Avoiding an explosion

The main danger of cooking hard-boiled eggs in the microwave is the likelihood of bursting, either in the oven or when trying to eat them. This is due to the way a microwave oven works, heating liquids directly inside the egg at very high temperatures. When the eggs are cooked in this way, steam accumulates inside the egg and has no place to escape. Therefore, the steam will finally burst through the shell, breaking it and creating a mess in the microwave. Worse still, if the egg bursts after being removed from the microwave, it could seriously injure you, according to the New Scientist magazine website.

Hard eggs without shell

To prevent your egg from exploding, you will have to cook it out of its shell. Break an egg into a small microwave-safe dish covered with non-stick spray and prick the yolk once or twice with a toothpick. Cook the eggs for 45 seconds at a power of 50%, recommends the Division of Agriculture at the University of Arkansas. After 45 seconds, check the egg and continue cooking for intervals of around 15 seconds, also at a power of 50%, until the egg is as solid as you want, usually after one or two more minutes. This prevents the egg from heating up too quickly. Let the egg cool for one or two minutes after cooking.

Kitchens for eggs in the microwave

There is a group of special kitchens on the market for use in microwaves that intend to cook them without exploding. Many of these are just egg containers and have caps to prevent them from splashing during cooking. For even cooking, you may have to flip the eggs in the cooking appliance halfway through the process. Be careful with kitchens that say you can leave the eggs in the shell during the cooking process, because they can still explode.

The egg looks odd

Cooking eggs in the microwave can save you time, although you'll have to cook them without a shell for more safety, so they will not look like traditional hard-boiled eggs, but they will taste the same. This method works best if you plan to cut the eggs into pieces for a salad. You can also cook your egg using a water-by-water technique, recommends "Gluten-Free In Five Minutes".Break the egg into a microwave-safe dish that contains boiling water and cook at high power for about a minute. Check the egg and cook for 15 to 20 more seconds before removing it with a slotted spoon.

Video Tutorial: How to Make Hard Boil Eggs In Microwave.

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