Ways To Know If You'Re Ready To Become A Professional In Boxing

Ways To Know If You'Re Ready To Become A Professional In Boxing

By Promising amateur boxers, the temptation to become professionals too quickly can be strong. Not only is the platform and audience significantly higher for professionals, but also the desire to be paid for dedicated training hours is understandably great. Becoming professional too quickly, however, can interrupt an otherwise promising career and increase the risk of major injuries.

Coach's opinion

The most important guideline to follow to decide if you are ready to become a professional is the opinion of the coaches or instructors. It is a waste of your time and that of your coach to work with him if you do not trust him and do not have the ability to guide you properly. Assuming that your coach has the qualities and experience to guide you correctly, both inside and outside the ring, you must rely on your judgment to decide if you have the skills necessary to compete professionally. This may require patience on your part.

Beginning career

Being undefeated after a significant number of amateur fights can seem like a good indicator of your preparation for professional fights. However, this depends to a large extent on the skill level of the fans you face. In addition, the number of amateur fights that a boxer must experience before becoming professional varies a lot from one wrestler to another. In some cases, a fighter can only take a handful of fights before becoming professional, while others, particularly those who want to reach the Golden Gloves or the Olympic success as amateurs, can take at least several dozen. Either way, the skill level of the competition will have a greater impact on your preparation for the professional ring than the mere number of matches.

Licensing and Preparation

When considering becoming a professional, you should look for opportunities to train with established professional wrestlers. Your coach should be able to create these opportunities for you. As you become capable of maintaining your own stamina against successful professional fighters in combat, you will become someone more prepared for real professional fights. According to the Division of Professional Regulation of Illinois, once you and your coaches have decided that you are ready to become a professional you will need to apply for a professional boxing license with the state athletic commission.

Other considerations

As Jay Heater wrote in a 2010 column in the Idaho State Journal: "" One money fight and you're done as an amateur."Once you have made the decision to fight as a professional, you will never again be allowed to compete as an amateur, and the lack of a helmet and additional padding at professional levels increases the expectations of each hit you throw and receive. strong, this can make professional fights easier, for fighters for points, however, this can make the professional fights more difficult.If you make the leap to professionalism too early and find yourself outside your element you have no alternatives For this reason, it is better to err on the side of patience and prudence before becoming professional.

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