Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Without Exercise

Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Without Exercise

Excess abdominal fat It is especially harmful in relation to excess fat in other parts of your body. If you have been noticing extra "fluff" around your abdomen, you may be at greater risk for health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Fortunately, you may be able to reduce your belly by changing some of your unhealthy habits, even if you avoid exercising at all costs.

Herbal Diet

Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A diet rich in plant-based foods will help you lose belly fat, since dietary fiber will fill your stomach without making you eat more calories than you can burn. Many fruits, vegetables and whole grains contain other nutrients that help you lose stomach fat. The berries contain plant chemicals called "anthocyanins", which are believed to help burn abdominal fat, whole grains contain chromium and magnesium, which help fight weight gain hormones and monounsaturated fats in foods like nuts and wild salmon can help regulate blood sugar levels, which can contribute to thickening of the waist.

Frequent meals

You may be able to lose fat and add more solid muscle if you separate small meals during the day, according to a study from Georgia State University. Eating nutritious foods every two or three hours during the day will prevent you from consuming more than what you are burning. Examples of healthy snacks are: celery with trans fat-free peanut butter, crunchy pepper slices with hummus, whole grain pretzels and an apple.

Cutting vices

Limit your alcohol consumption to two or three drinks per week. Drinking too much alcohol can cause your body to burn 36 percent less fat, causing your body to store more fat from food, and it inhibits the hormones that help your body burn fat and build muscle. Another vice that contributes to belly fat is smoking. With each additional cigarette you smoke, you are at greater risk of storing abdominal fat compared to thigh or hip fat, according to Harvard Health Publications.


You may be more likely to have excess abdominal fat if you are more vulnerable to the physical effects of stress, according to a Yale University study. Stress causes the body to release a hormone called cortisol, which leads to the accumulation of fat that surrounds the organs in the abdominal cavity. As a result, meditation, taking a relaxing pastime such as painting or taking a bubble bath with relaxing music every night could help banish some stomach fat.


Although you may be able to achieve your belly fat loss goals with a series of lifestyle changes, doing a little exercise of moderate intensity every day is the best way to lose fat of the stomach. To get optimal results, do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. You do not have to do it all at once, or try walking at 10-minute intervals a couple of times during the day. And, to minimize the appearance of extra weight around your midsection, practice good posture standing and sitting.

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