What Are The Latex Gloves Used For?

What Are The Latex Gloves Used For?

The click of someone putting on a pair of latex gloves is a familiar part of the experience of going to a medical consultation. Latex gloves have a wide variety of uses, however, they are not just for doctors. Because latex gloves are cheap, disposable, sanitary and minimally affect the sense of touch, they are useful in situations where you want to protect your hands from fluids, chemicals or infections.


Latex gloves are used by any doctor who may come into contact with body fluids. The gloves protect the doctor from any potentially infectious fluid, blocking the transmission of chemicals, microbes and diseases such as HIV. The disposable sterile latex gloves are so that the doctor does not have to worry about the transmission of fluids or infections from one patient to another.


Researchers working with hazardous chemicals use latex gloves to protect their skin. Other types of plastic gloves are suitable for more scientific uses, but according to the University of Bath, United Kingdom, only latex gloves protect against chemicals such as methanol and acetone. The EPA warns that some chemicals penetrate latex gloves, such as chemicals used to remove polyurethane finishes.

Household Cleaning

Just as researchers use latex gloves to keep chemicals away from your hands, you can use latex gloves to protect your hands when cleaning the house. The gloves will protect your hands from the soap that is used to wash dishes strong and dry the skin, and also from cleaning products such as chlorine and ammonia.

Crime Resolution

Police officers and forensic investigators wear latex gloves to prevent corruption of evidence at the crime scene and to protect investigators from contact with fluids and potentially hazardous chemicals. According to Police magazine, it is important to wear gloves when handling tests to avoid destroying fingerprints left on non-porous surfaces such as glass. Using gloves the researcher also avoids leaving his own prints on the scene. Because latex gloves are disposable, the investigator can use a new pair of gloves at each crime scene.


Bring the opening of a latex glove to your mouth and blow on it to make a balloon. The latex gloves are airtight. If you seal the balloon by attaching it to the bottom, you can draw on the balloon with a permanent marker. Draw on the glove after inflating it, because the surface of the glove is stretched when it is inflated.

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