What Can I Put Under A Treadmill So It Does Not Make Noise?

What Can I Put Under A Treadmill So It Does Not Make Noise?

Treadmills make noise due to motion belt and motor working. You can minimize these noises by placing a treadmill mat under your machine. Department stores with an exercise section and stores specializing in treadmills sell these floor mats, which not only reduce noise, but also protect the floor.


Treadmills are large floor mats that are placed under the machine. They are often made of black rubber, but they can also be made of PVC or foam rubber. They come in different sizes. Use a mat that fits your treadmill. The legs of the machine should all be firmly on the mat with a little space left over at the edges. Do not use a carpet that is too big because someone can trip over it. A thin mat does not reduce noise very well and does not protect the floor as a thick one.

Noise reduction

The treadmills vibrate by the power of the motor, the movement of the belt and the impact of the user. A treadmill mat helps reduce the vibration and noise of your treadmill by absorbing both. According to treadmills-ratings-reviews. com, rubber and foam rubber mats are the best option to reduce noise. This is especially useful if your treadmill is on the second floor of your house. The mat can help keep sounds from seeping into the room below.

Other benefits

Treadmills offer other benefits in addition to reducing noise. Horizon Fitness recommends using one to reduce the static electricity that is transferred from the carpet to the treadmill. Having a mat makes it easier to clean under and around the machine. It also protects your floor by acting as a barrier between the legs of the treadmill and the ground. If the floor is slightly uneven in some places, putting a mat can even help level the treadmill.


If you put a treadmill under your machine and still make a lot of noise, the noise may be an indication that something is wrong with the treadmill. Look for loose nuts or bolts, which can cause excessive vibration sounds. The tape can produce sounds when rubbing if it is not centered or needs lubrication. Contact the manufacturer to solve problems if the noise is excessive and the mat does not help.

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