What Causes The Pain Radiating To The Leg?

What Causes The Pain Radiating To The Leg?

Many people suffer from a pain radiating down the leg. But most of the time the pain is not due to a problem in the leg and hip, but it is more a problem of the lower back. Many lumbar problems produce a pain that radiates to the legs and feet, which explains why most doctors include a lower back exam when diagnosing these pains. However, some may misdiagnose a pain radiating to the leg.


Pains that radiate into the leg are often misdiagnosed as simple muscle cramps. The real cause, however, can be a serious pathology that may require immediate attention. They can be a symptom of diabetes, osteoarthritis, back or spinal problems or sciatica.


Pains that radiate in the leg may be due to injuries such as inflammation of a tendon, broken bones, muscle twisting or sprains, or anterior tibial syndrome caused by running or jumping.


Leg pains may be associated with muscle cramps commonly known as "Charlie's horse". Cramps may be due to dehydration or low amounts of potassium, calcium, sodium or magnesium in the blood; also to drugs such as diuretics or statins or muscle fatigue caused by muscle abuse and effort.

Unusual causes

Leg pains may also be related to uncommon causes, such as slipped femoral epiphysis, tumors or cysts in the femur or tibia, malignant bony tumors, Legg-CalvΓ© disease -Perthes and osteosarcoma.

Additional causes

Pain in the legs may be caused by arthritis, gout, varicose veins, claudication or blockage of the arteries, deep vein thrombosis or blood clots, osteomyelitis or bone infection, and cellulitis or tissue infection soft on the skin

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