What Do Experts In Dietetics Eat?

What Do Experts In Dietetics Eat?

The root "diet", in the dietary term has acquired a four-letter connotation in the United States, and the term "nutritionist" can increase the notion of perfection, restriction or bionic dietary will. But dietetics, or the science of nutrition, is rarely referred to as "dieting."

Although fad diets come and go, they rarely leave health or happiness in their wake; According to the National Association of Eating Disorders, a balanced lifestyle based on healthy foods seems like gold.

Sounds easier said than done? Take note of five dietetic professionals who say otherwise. Although many paths lead to health, leading experts share a passion for well-being and uncontrollable appreciation for food.

I am simply a person who loves food and loves people. I just want to encourage people to follow their dreams, live life to the fullest and have a long life. That does not necessarily mean that you can not eat macaroni and cheese or your favorite dessert once in a while.

Christine Avanti, chef and nutritionist

Healthy game

Registered dietitian Robyn Goldberg became aware of her childhood cholesterol levels.

"Everyone in my family has high cholesterol and / or hereditary heart disease," he said. "My father always talks to me about how weight is not the issue but cholesterol."

Her desire to maintain the health of her heart and to feed her tennis player body - since she has been an athlete all her life - instilled in her the hunger not only for food, but for the right food.

During college, another factor emerged: "Having friends with eating disorders made me feel compassion for the emotional factors involved with the consumption," he said.

She now specializes in medical conditions, eating disorders, preventive nutrition and sports nutrition.

On a typical day, Goldberg eats soy yogurt with flaxseed meal, nuts and fruit for breakfast and almonds or peanut butter with wholemeal bread, vegetables with hummus or a chopped vegetable salad with beans for lunch. Because it avoids poultry to maintain its cholesterol level, its sources of protein include beans, nuts, fish and vegetarian burgers. Vegetable tortillas are one of your first-class dinners.

"And I leave room for what I call everyday fun food, vanilla wafers, Berry pet cookies are my favorites," he said. "My clients are relieved when I tell them that they can eat the foods they eat. they like and maintain well-being. "

Holistic, realistic

Christine Avanti, director of nutrition and executive chef at Passages, an addiction rehabilitation center in Malibu, California, and author of "Skinny Chicks Do not Eat Salads," never thought of becoming a nutrition specialist.

"In my last 20 years, there was a death in my family.To deal with my pain I ate everything I saw.In five short weeks I gained 30 pounds.After that I spent four years trying out every fad diet and every weight loss pill on the market, nothing worked, "she said.

So Avanti pursued a certification in comprehensive nutrition and sports. Eleven years later, he continues to share his experience and passion for healthy eating and cooking with clients, readers and viewers of "Oprah All Stars", "The Doctors" and other television programs.

Your typical breakfast consists of omega-3 fatty acid contained in boiled eggs, green tea with cold-pressed coconut oil and blueberries or a banana. For lunch you will consume a chicken with grilled artichokes, rice and a rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette. In the afternoon I could chop low-fat Gouda cheese and organic grapes. Dinner often includes whole wheat pasta, turkey and marinara vegetable sauce.

Pleasant snacks are also allowed.

"I occasionally eat diet soda, and potato chips with salt and vinegar," he said. "I'm just a person who loves food and loves people. I just want to encourage people to follow their dreams, live life to the fullest and live a long time.That does not necessarily mean they can not eat macaroni and cheese or their favorite dessert once in a while. "

Food Freedom

If you are looking for food cops, you will not find the registered dietitian and author of "Nutrition Map: Your Guide to Healthy Eating in the Real World," Yvonne Quinones Syto.

"There are many reasons why I wanted to become a dietitian," he said. "The main reason is because of my love for food."

She starts almost every day with coffee flavored with soy milk and agave syrup, oatmeal with peanut butter and a banana or a slice of bread with peanut butter and a "pinch" of Nutella.

"Lunch is usually something left over from the night before," he says, mentioning some whole grain with vegetables and legumes or tofu. Depending on her appetite, she takes nut snacks, toast with hummus or chips and salsa between meals.

"If I eat something indulgent, it's about lots of potatoes covered with cheddar cheese, if I have a chocolate craving, it can usually be turned off with peanut butter and Nutella on a wheat toast, I do not limit myself. feed my body well and not adhere to arbitrary rules.I am human, like everyone else, with the exception that I have a knowledge of how my decisions affect my health. "

Breaking barriers

During her second year in college, Diane Kress knew something was not right.

"I felt tired, unable to concentrate, I also felt a certain melancholy," he explained. And his thin stomach by nature was presenting a "roll of fat".She began to study and really apply the traditional techniques of diet, but to no avail.

Soon I needed medication for diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and depression. So he changed his dreams of Wall Street - where he was an important financier - for dietetics.

"I became a dietitian to learn what was wrong and be able to find a way to do things right," he said.

Since then, he has maintained his desired weight. And his book, "Metabolism Miracle," is a best-seller of the "New York Times."

Your typical day begins with a multigrain English muffin with peanut butter, fruit and coffee with light cream and stevia, an herbal sweetener. Lunch includes a low carbohydrate turkey with vegetable wrap. For dinner, eat a salad, roast sole, brown rice, steamed vegetables and black chocolate dessert. Between meals, she takes snacks in yogurt, nuts or popcorn.

Your favorite indulgence?

"Magdalenas!" He said "Like a half of the cupcake, and I consider it my gaffe of the week." Other indulgences once a week could include pizza and Chinese food.

"People are surprised at some things in my eating," he said. She eats if she is hungry, even one hour before bedtime and in the middle of the night.

"As a person with an imbalance in insulin, I do not count calories," he said. "My goal is always the total grams of carbohydrates and grams of dietary fiber, and I always read the ingredient label."

Natural flavor

Secrets of the trade

Have you ever wished you could channel the wisdom of a diet professional? Well, keep reading. When asked for advice to share with readers, this is what each of our professionals suggested:

"Go to the store once a week and keep some basic foods - cooked frozen foods, fruits and vegetables - for have in your home Also, invest in glass or plastic containers so you can take the food to work or have it at home.If you do not go to the store, consider the delivery of groceries. -Robyn Goldberg

"Always eat a PC combo, that is, a lean protein with a meal of real carbohydrates - not a packaged variety - to stabilize your blood sugar and the speed of your metabolism." -Christine Avanti

"Feed your body all day long If you go five hours without eating, the brain has to tell your liver to feed you and the liver tends to overfeed in a survival mode..." -Diane Kress

"Invert and become a digital food meter, when you make pasta - I expect whole grain - you have to take it out of the pan in some way, use it as a measuring cup for a spoon, I use my scale several times a day, as well as my measuring cups, and I would overeat without them. " - Yvonne Quinones Syto

"Try to eat at least one green leafy vegetable every day.Whether it's throwing spinach in your morning shake, with a big dark green salad at lunch, or sautéing kale and collard greens for dinner, going for it is very good for you. "- Dina Aronson

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