What Do Goalkeepers Use In Football?

What Do Goalkeepers Use In Football?

Goalkeepers are the only players in the field who can use their hands without incurring a penalty. They are the last line of defense and often determine the outcome of the game. They even wear different uniforms than the rest of the players, partly to highlight other players and referees, and partly to protect themselves from injuries.

Basic uniform requirements

The requirements for football uniforms are imposed by the governing body of the sport, the International Federation of Associated Football or FIFA. FIFA rules require that all players, including goalkeepers, must wear the following: a jersey or sweater, shorts, socks, shin guards and athletic shoes. Players are allowed to wear inner shirts and inner pants, but they must be the same color as outerwear.


In addition to the basic uniform rules, goalkeepers must wear a shirt with colors that are different and distinguishable from those worn by both teams and referees. This rule allows officials and players to notice the goalkeeper at all times, including during the skirmishes around the goal. It's fine if both goalies have shirts with the same colors. In terms of optional equipment, they may wear shorts or pants specially designed for the goalie position. Shorts tend to be longer than the regulation ones, offering more protection when they must dive to block a shot. Long pants designed for goalkeepers offer even more protection, although they may feel slower making them a risk.


The goalkeepers are allowed to wear gloves, which in most cases are indispensable for competitive goalkeepers. Gloves protect your hands, fingers and wrists from shots fired at short and long distances, which can travel at almost 100 mph (160, 93 kph). Gloves for goalkeepers at professional, college and high school levels cost around US $ 150, since May 2011. One example is the Bionik Uhisport Cerberus Glove, which is marketed as "the closest imitation to the human hand and the tendons of the fingers. " Latex molds the hand with added flexible grooves designed to both protect and allow full flexibility. The goalkeeper gloves for children, designed by renowned companies such as Nike and Adidas, cost around US $ 20.


The FIFA equipment rules are usually used by university and secondary football governing bodies as well. Some exceptions are dictated by considerations of age and security. For example, secondary soccer players, governed by the National Federation of High School Associations, are required to wear T-shirts, pants, shin guards and footwear that are "of the appropriate size for that age."The shin guards can not be higher than 2 inches (5, 08 centimeters) from the ankle. FIFA allows equipment for goalkeepers and other players for protective purposes as long as they do not endanger other players. So the masks, helmets, glasses and pads for the knees and arms that are made of soft and light materials are fine.

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