What Exercises Are Good When You Are In Your Period?

What Exercises Are Good When You Are In Your Period?

When you are on your days of the month, you would like to hide under the covers until the colic passes, bleeding and irritability and you can return to your normal life. The fatigue that often accompanies your period can make it difficult for you to do any physical activity other than using the remote control. However, exercising during your period can really help you reduce symptoms so that you feel better. Choosing the right kind of exercise is a beneficial way you can handle the symptoms so you do not have to put your life on hold.


Exercise may be the last thing you have in mind when you have your period, but it can play a vital role in managing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS.. Drinking plenty of water and taking medications that do not require a prescription can help soothe the cramping and bleeding that accompany your period. In the meantime, exercise can help soothe the pain, while giving you energy and moving away the symptoms of depression and irritability on those days of the month. If you make exercise one of your first defense mechanisms against the symptoms of the period, you may experience less severe MPS each month.


In some cases it may not be possible to exercise during menstruation. If you suffer from PMDD, or premenstrual dysphoric disorder, your symptoms can be so severe that they lead you to suspend your daily life. Severe cramping and heavy bleeding can make it impossible for you to exercise while you are in your period, and your gynecologist should examine you to treat your condition.

Meanwhile, experienced athletes are more susceptible to injury during menstruation. Quite simply, women have poorer control of their movements during the five to seven days of their period, which can cause injuries due to muscle tension during exercise. Avoid high intensity exercises while you are in your period, and practice low intensity exercises, which are still beneficial methods of exercise.

Light Aerobics

Light aerobic activity helps you maintain control over your body while soothing some of the symptoms of your period. Walking is one of the easiest ways to obtain these benefits. Walk to work, park your car away from home or plan to take a walk after dinner so you can help mitigate the spasms and bleeding. If you use tampons, swimming can help relieve back pain during your period. The absence of weight in the water also helps you exercise comfortably.


During your period, colic, muscle fatigue and back pain can force you to suspend your daily activities altogether. A yoga class can help you remedy some of these conditions by allowing you to slowly stretch your tired and aching muscles. Or perform movements on a ball for exercise so that you apply pressure on your abdomen so that you feel relief. Some postures, such as cat and restorative, allow you to stretch your back muscles, provided you adopt positions that are comfortable while you are in your period. Take a class or rent a yoga DVD in the library so you can find out what positions can make the symptoms of your period more bearable.

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