What Is The Difference Between Outdoor Basketball And Indoor Basketball?

What Is The Difference Between Outdoor Basketball And Indoor Basketball?

When you are ready to team up with your friends In a basketball game, the first thing to do is look for a ball to play. From a certain point, playing indoor or outdoor basketball may look the same, but each ball style is made with a specific design and purpose. By using the correct ball for your game, you can play with that same ball for years.


Indoor soccer balls, including those of the NBA and WNBA, are made of full grain leather. An official NBA ball feels slippery and heavy from the moment you take it out of the box. Before playing with it, it requires that it be tanned by throwing it out and throwing it several times. The balls for outdoor games are made of rubber and can be used immediately.

Handling the ball

Balls made of quality leather, to be used indoors, have 122 small peaks per square inch, or approximately 35,000 peaks on the entire surface of the ball. Rubber balloons have fewer spikes and feel rougher when touched. Even if they are covered in sweat, official fur balls that are already tanned for indoor use do not slip out of hand. Its handling characteristics are superior to those of rubber balloons.


Using a leather ball on a surface outdoors causes it to deteriorate almost immediately and reduces the life of the ball. If you use the balloons for their indicated and adequate atmosphere, they should last you several years, especially if you keep them inflated to the correct level and clean them whenever necessary.


In the year of 2010, the price of the standard ball for indoor use, the official ball of the NBA, was US $ 89, 99. The price of a common ball for outdoor use, The NBA Streetball is $ 17, 62.

Improve the care of a ball

If you do not perform your basketball activities on an indoor court, save money by buying a rubber ball instead of get a leather ball, officialized by the NBA or WNBA. Using a ball for outdoor use makes them wear out very quickly. To maximize the life of your expensive leather ball, do not use it in outdoor places in any type of game. It is preferable that you take the players somewhere indoors without throwing it or throwing it on streets or sidewalks during the course.

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