What Is Isagenix?

What Is Isagenix?

Isagenix is ​​a multi-level company that markets products formulated for weight control and wellness. Isagenix's core product line is its weight loss system, which includes shakes, bars and minicomits designed to help you lose weight while you follow a reduced calorie diet. Isagenix says that its products reduce the desire to eat unhealthy foods, increase energy and improve muscle tone. Talk to your doctor if you are considering using Isagenix to lose weight.

What is said

Isagenix weight control products are low in fat, rich in fiber and fortified with vitamins. The IsaLean French Vanilla milkshake, for example, contains more than 30% of the daily value of fibers and between 40 and 80% of the recommended value of various vitamins and minerals. Isagenix sponsored a study of its products that was carried out by the University of Illinois Chicago in 2012. Although the results have not been published in a specialized journal, the study showed that people who used Isagenix successfully reduced weight and fat body, as indicated in the clinical report.

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