What Tea Is Good For People Who Have High Blood Pressure?

What Tea Is Good For People Who Have High Blood Pressure?

Drinking tea can be a special occasion that includes the use of good porcelain, sandwiches and the right attitude or it can be a simple moment by putting a bag in a cup and adding boiling water. However you take it, you must understand what varieties there are if your blood pressure is very high. You can relax with a cup of tea that will help lower the risk of hypertension.

Green tea

The components of green tea are known for their qualities to prevent and fight diseases, among them, it serves to combat hypertension. A study published in October 2008 called "Inflammopharmacology" indicates that the polyphenols found in this type of tea help to cure high blood pressure. Choose the options without caffeine because it can interfere with high-tension medications and can generate a peak of pressure.

Hibiscus Tea

A tea made with the Hibiscus flower can be a positive influence on blood pressure. Research done in the February 2010 issue of the nutrition journal suggests that this tea provides antioxidant benefits and can lower blood pressure in hypertensive adults. This also applies to those who suffer from medium pressure. Consider that it can increase the pressure if it is consumed with diuretics

Nettle tea

Nettle is known to lower blood pressure, so add it to your diet if you suffer of hypertension. It can influence the intensity of medications for pressure so you should consult your doctor or naturopathic doctor to know the correct amount of tea you should consume. This tea can also interfere with medication for diabetes and to thicken the blood.

Java Tea

Java Tea is made from a medicinal herb native to Southeast Asia that is commonly used to stimulate urine flow if you have a urinary tract infection and can also help relieve blood pressure. This tea has antioxidants that can lower blood pressure and components that directly influence the pressure that moves blood between the veins. If you choose to do it from plants that you cultivate yourself, take your time to prepare it since some parts of the plant have poison.

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