When To Discard Things

When To Discard Things

If you can still use it, then why throw it? Very often this is the mindset about replacing common items in the house. Which means you could be using a lufa sponge infested with germs or an ineffective toothbrush. Learn about expiration dates that can prevent everyday items from becoming risky for your health and that you know when it's time to throw them away or replace them with new ones.

Bacteria begin to multiply in the danger zone, 41 to 135 degrees F (5 to 57 degrees C), so in four hours, you could have millions; in 10 hours, you could have billions.

Jeff Nelken, expert in food safety


Protect your dental health with healthy oral hygiene. The American Dental Association recommends replacing toothbrushes every three to four months, or sooner if the bristles wear out. Worn bristles are less effective in cleaning teeth and preventing infections in the gums. In the same way, do not cover brushes or warehouses in closed containers; the humid environment makes them more prone to the growth of bacteria.


If your mattress is more than a decade old, it's time to throw it away. You should get a new one every nine or 10 years, says the National Foundation for Sleep. Old mattresses collect mites, mold and fungi. Consider getting a new one sooner if you have sleep problems. A study from Oklahoma State University found that when mattresses were replaced every five years, participants reported better sleep quality and less pain in the back.

Luffa sponge

You will be suspending shower cleaning if you use a loofah sponge that is more than a month old. Even the remotest corners of these natural sponges are an invitation for bacteria. Replace your sponge every 30 days for the possible accumulation of bacteria, especially in humid environments, advises dermatologist Leslie Baumann, director of the Baumann Cosmetic and Research Institute in Miami Beach.


Change your favorite pillow every one or two years, unless you like the smell, dust, mites, allergies and germs. In addition, the pillows lose their softness after a couple of years, causing inappropriate support for your neck and spine, and eventually; poor sleep quality, says the SleepBetter website. org. Check if your pillow passes the fold test. Fold or squeeze your pillow and release it. If it does not recover its form, it is time to buy a new one. Additionally, most pillows can not withstand more than one or two washings.

Tableware sponge

If you're not sure where your sponge has been for the dinner service, or have been using it for more than a week, discard it, says Jeff Nelken, an expert in food safety.The pathogenic microorganisms of the counter, the sink and the food can enter the sponge and cause diseases caused by food. You do not want to use a sponge especially to clean surfaces if it has come in contact with raw meat, fish or chicken. Bacteria double in the danger zone from 41 to 135 degrees F (5 to 57 degrees C), so in four hours you could have millions, says Nelken. In 10 hours you could have billions. You can extend the life of a sponge by putting it in the dishwasher after each use or by putting it completely wet for two minutes in the microwave turning it on high. Better yet, use reusable paper towels or towels that are kept in disinfectant.

Contact Lens Case

To protect against eye infections such as conjunctivitis, replace your contact lens case at least every three months, advises the American Optometric Association. Clean the case of your contact lenses after each use with a sterile solution. Leave it open to dry.

Smoke Alarm

Do not risk your house to suffer a fire because you have a smoke detector unusable. The United States Fire Administration recommends replacing the batteries in your smoke detector at least once a year and replacing the alarm completely every eight to 10 years. But since a decade is a long time to remember something, make sure and write the date of purchase with a permanent marker inside the alarm and verify it on the same day each year.


When do you need a change to your beauty items?

For all of you, compulsive of the old makeup, it's time to throw away that two-year-old lipstick and that dust that has already passed its expiration date. Do not risk getting an infection and getting contaminated with old makeup. Once it is in the fingers, it can reach the eyes and mouth. Dr. Leslie Baumann, director of Bauman Cosmetic and Research Institute in Miami Beach, knows the best time to discard beauty products:

Mascara for eyelashes: 3 months Liquid eyeliner: 6 months Pencil eyeliner: 18 months Eye shadow: 18 months Liquid makeup: 1 year Makeup powder: 18 months Cleaner for the face, conditioner, shampoo: All have the expiration date on the bottle. Lipstick: 18 months Lip liner: 1 year Hair dryer: You can use your hair dryer as long as it does not smell burned. Once you get rid of this smell, it's better to throw it away and buy a new one.


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