Why Ride In Unicycle

Why Ride In Unicycle

Unicycles are single-wheeled vehicles. They evolved from the first bicycle, the Penny Farhing, which consisted of a large wheel in front and a smaller one in the rear. When this bicycle went through stops or suddenly braked, the rear tire was detached from the ground. So, many of the Penny Farthing riders learned to swing and advance with just the front wheel. Manufacturers soon started making vehicles with just one wheel.

Health Benefits

Some of the benefits of riding a monocycle include burning calories and increasing your levels of coordination, concentration and balance. Since they do not have handlebars, those who ride a monocycle must balance using only the muscles of their abdomen and legs. This helps to make a healthier nucleus. Also, long cycling sessions increase the heart rate; which, in the long term, can lead to a healthier cardiovascular system. Walking on unicycle is a good exercise, low impact, for those who are injured on their knees or legs or have fragile.

Mental and emotional health.

Walking on a monocycle is a fun activity, regardless of your skill level. The Just One Wheel website, "Just one wheel", ensures that riding a monocycle stimulates psychologically, as well as helping motivate oneself, as you will notice improvements every time you try it. Some people consider that, once they have managed to balance and ride on a single wheel, riding a unicycle produces a sense of control.

Social benefits

Riding a unicycle is, rather, a rare activity. For this reason, those who practice its use tend to identify with each other. Many can even travel considerable distances just to attend rides and live with other unicycle users. The unicycle is usually also a family activity, and can make closer ties between members of the family.

Economic benefits

Some unicycle users use it as a primary means of transportation to make commissions and go to work or school. Also, to ride your unicycle you do not have to spend on any kind of fuel. And as for its structure, the unicycles have very few moving parts that can break. This means that you do not usually have to spend a lot of money on repairs. And neither do you need to spend anything on devices or supports to store or transport it.


On a unicycle, you will always have new challenges ahead. Once you have mastered walking to the front, you can try to walk in reverse or using only one foot. And once you're an expert to move in, you can always learn to play hockey on a monocycle.In the same way, there are many different styles to ride a monocycle that you could learn, such as the mountain monocycle or freestyle. And if that were not enough, there are as many styles of unicycles, such as one that has no seat and consists only of the pedals and the rim; or like the giraffe, whose seat rises at least a meter and a half from the ground.

To consider

We recommend investing in protective equipment to protect you in case you fall. A basic protective equipment should include a bicycle helmet, cycling gloves with pads, and padded knee and wrist protectors.

Video Tutorial: How to ride a unicycle - 10 tips.

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