You Can Recover Your Breasts After Losing Weight

You Can Recover Your Breasts After Losing Weight

Your waist is not the only one thing that contracts when you lose weight. Because your breasts are composed mainly of fatty tissue, significant weight loss sometimes leaves them looking deflated. Deflated breasts do not pose any health problems because there is no standard way for healthy breasts, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While there is no sure way to recover your bust before the loss, you can use some diet and exercise tricks to help improve your appearance and fullness. However, if you are interested in significant results, you will have to seek treatment from a plastic surgeon.

Builds upper body strength, especially in the chest to help fill skin and loose, sagging tissues. Although you can not completely fill your loose breasts with muscle, you may be able to stretch your skin slightly and reattach a small amount of volume lost with lean muscle. Performs chest exercises such as cable crossings (cable crossovers), military presses (military presses), dumbbell openings (chest flys) and bench presses (bench presses).

Strengthens the muscles of the back and shoulders that improve your posture. Improve this can provide a mini-breast lift and it will make you look taller and thinner. Perform exercises like seated rowing and push-ups to improve the back and shoulder muscles.

Build the elasticity of the skin, consuming many fruits and vegetables, recommends the book "Nature's Medicines". Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and selenium, which help prevent damage and loss of firmness of the skin.

Stays hydrated to keep skin supple and firm. The dehydrated skin looks emaciated and loose while the hydrated skin seems plump and vibrant. Drink water instead of soft drinks and sugary juices and hydrate before, during and after each workout.

Use a support bra, especially when you exercise, to prevent gravity and excess movement from further stretching the ligaments associated with the fall of the chest. A supportive bra can also make your breasts look as big and full as they did before your weight loss.

Talk to your doctor about breast reconstruction surgery if you lose a significant amount of breast volume. Your surgeon can recommend the removal of excess skin, a breast lift or breast implants to restore shape and fullness.

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